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Driven Out

After break-in, Interfaith Hospitality Network plans relocation

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 24, 2010
After thieves broke into the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati office in Lower Price Hill and tried to steal copper piping, causing $4,000 in water damage, the agency serving homeless families had enough. Plans are underway to move to another neighborhood.  

'For Profit' Vs. 'For People'

Passage of Issue 5 will keep predatory payday loans in check, but is it enough?

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Within 48 hours of Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland signing House Bill 545 — characterized by many groups as the "country's strongest payday lending reform law" — the payday lending lobby mobilized to fight it. But Ohio voters embraced reform by a wide margin, passing Issue 5 63-37 percent. Payday lenders were singled out with this law, but the national mortgage financial crisis has also raised the question of how banks and other financial institutions earn their big bucks.