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Voices in the Garaj

Garaj Mahal introduces new drummer and new album on latest tour

0 Comments · Monday, May 31, 2010
For instrumental Jazz/Fusion/Jam quartet Garaj Mahal, the next logical frontier to explore would be to add vocals to its repertoire. Although the band has utilized vocal melodies as a textural component over the years, the members have never actually sung in the strictest definition of the term ... until the recent release of their seventh album, 'More Mr. Nice Guy.'  

Fareed Haque & the Flat Earth Ensemble

Aug. 29 • Blue Wisp Jazz Club

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Is there anything Fareed Haque cannot do with a guitar? The answer is seemingly "no," based on his incredibly varied musical activities, which include fronting Jam icons Garaj Mahal, guitaring for George Brooks in his Jazz band Summit and maintaining a solo career that includes duo gigs with guitarist Goran Ivanovic and recording and touring with his band, the Flat Earth Ensemble.