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The Time Traveler's Wife (Review)

A mind-bending story of quantum love

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Will 'The Time Traveler's Wife' turn out to be the loveliest adaptation of a novel to get boos from diehard fans of the book? Could be. The ending, for one, is different. Not a lot different, but some will scream, "Ohmygod, they ruined the book!" They didn't ruin the movie, I promise. Grade: A-.  

Star Trek (Review)

J.J. Abrams boldly charts a brand new course for a sci-fi staple

1 Comment · Wednesday, May 6, 2009
With this prequel, director J.J. Abrams aims to give us the legendary back-story of one of Starfleet's great leaders, James Tiberius Kirk. Of course, the truly great leaders achieve that status thanks to the support of top-notch subordinates. Where would Kirk be without Spock, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, Scotty and Doc "Bones" McCoy? This film races right to the heart of that question, defining each and every one of these loveable characters in deft strokes. Grade A.