‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Offers Indie Sensibilities with Studio Purse Strings

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 4, 2014
 At one time, the title for Doug Liman’s new release was All You Need is Kill and it featured a raw 18-year-old military recruit sucked into a time-fractured narrative that had him reliving the same day on what seemed like an endless loop — a D-Day style attack on an alien outpost on the Normandy beachhead that concluded with great losses to the human forces.   


0 Comments · Thursday, September 27, 2012
The mob of the future maintains its iron grip on society by utilizing the ultimate existential weapon — time travel. When they want to get rid of someone, that person gets sent back in time where a waiting killer executes them, closing the loop on that person, permanently.  

Gnomeo & Juliet (Review)

Animated Shakespeare adaptation aided by Elton John

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 15, 2011
As things stand, this is certainly not the strangest adaptation of the Bard; in fact, it could be argued that Gnomeo & Juliet is rather conventional, especially for kiddie 3-D fare, when a few creative sparks (and a richer use of the extra dimension) might have been able to woo a few more hearts. Just be thankful Shakespeare never came up with a sequel. Grade: C  

Sunshine Cleaning (Review)

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt power offbeat drama

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Wonderfully emotionally alert actresses at their best, Amy Adams and Emily Blunt play working-class sisters whose job it is to clean up the mess some people leave when they die lonely and violently. As they go about their business, the film achieves stretches of pathos. Grade B.