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Atheist community thrives in Cincinnati’s backyard

6 Comments · Wednesday, September 30, 2009
It's a fresh, warm Friday morning in early August and I'm deep in "God's Country" near Petersburg, Ky. Today, however, "God's Country" has a few strange bedfellows: a congregation of atheists, all gathering at the Creation Museum, the best-known and most controversial monument to Creationist beliefs in the Midwest and perhaps the world. The large turnout at the Creation Museum isn't unusual: Greater Cincinnati has a burgeoning and thriving atheist community and is responsible for large contributions to both the national and global atheist/secular humanist movements.  

Avoiding the Appearance of Bias, Writing for the Web and Local 'Non-Believers' Get Noticed

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 4, 2009
The New York Mets rarely make news here, but a recent stink reveals a conflict of interest that affects all mainstream news media: reporters looking for work with the people we cover. Cincinnati is sprinkled with former reporters doing public relations for people they covered: teams, companies, public bodies, etc. Other reporters, inclined to see evil in every human enterprise, often wonder if these former colleagues pulled their punches rather than piss off people for whom they might someday work.