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Crowded House: Intriguer

[Fantasy Records]

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Neil Finn has always counterpointed his deepest sorrows and anxieties with the most gorgeous melodies. Paul McCartney's effervescent light and John Lennon's brooding dark exist side by side within him, and there are moments on 'Intriguer' that Finn sounds like he's in the throes of his 'Sgt. Pepper' and 'White Album' phases simultaneously.   

Tom Jones, Crowded House, Judy Collins and Steve Poltz

0 Comments · Sunday, August 15, 2010
If there was any justice, the panties thrown at Tom Jones these days would be the size of parachutes. The fact is that Jones, who turned 70 in June, has built an audience populated with the granddaughters of his original fans. His latest album, 'Praise & Blame,' is a collection of traditional and contemporary songs concerning the search for salvation.