What should I be doing instead of this?

Musical Motivation at Work?

Plus, Paris Hilton continues to anger Deadmau5 and Aaron Lewis blows it on national TV

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 29, 2014
A new study finds that listening to music at work can improve production, Paris Hilton's success as a party DJ continues to infuriate Deadmau5 and Aaron Lewis, who once dissed Christina Aguilera for botching the national anthem at the Super Bowl, botches the national anthem at the World Series.  

Worst Week Ever!: Oct. 17-23

3 Comments · Wednesday, October 24, 2012
TUESDAY OCT. 23: Like Galileo, Christina Aguilera’s recent bomb of an album, Bionic, was “ahead of its time” ... at least according Aguilera.   

Burlesque (Review)

Christina Aguilera is front and center in flawed musical

0 Comments · Monday, November 29, 2010
An Iowa country girl with talent dreams of the big-time saves her pennies and makes the trip to the big city to take a shot at the prize of fame and fortune. We've seen this story a million times, and 'Burlesque,' with Christina Aguilera as the young aspirant and Cher as an aging mentor/club owner who gives the girl a chance, offers no new wrinkles. Grade: C-.