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Music Television Lives?

SoundClash to debut on VH1, Cher & Wu-Tang collaborate and Kenny G tells Chinese when to go home

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 14, 2014
New live music program SoundClash to debut on VH1, Cher and Wu-Tang collaborate (as do Tommy Lee and Smashing Pumpkins) and Kenny G tells people in China when to go home.  

Burlesque (Review)

Christina Aguilera is front and center in flawed musical

0 Comments · Monday, November 29, 2010
An Iowa country girl with talent dreams of the big-time saves her pennies and makes the trip to the big city to take a shot at the prize of fame and fortune. We've seen this story a million times, and 'Burlesque,' with Christina Aguilera as the young aspirant and Cher as an aging mentor/club owner who gives the girl a chance, offers no new wrinkles. Grade: C-.