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Sunday • Bogart’s

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 21, 2015
To say that Israeli Electronic Dance producer/DJ Borgore has a broad range would be the understatement of the ages.   
by Mike Breen 03.21.2012
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Music Tonight: Borgore Does Bogart's

Israeli Electronic music artist/DJ/producer Borgore (born Asaf Borger) brings his playful Dubstep/Hip Hop stylings to Bogart's tonight for an 8 p.m. show. Tickets are $22, while they last. As our own Brian Baker points out in this week's CityBeat, "Borgore" would be the perfect name for a Death Metal band (picture it written in the popular, bleeding Doom font). Turns out, Borger began his musical life as a drummer for a Death Metal band (you can still hear the Metal influence in his work occasionally), before deciding he was sick of relying on others to get shit done. That's when Borger turned into Borgore, became self-sufficient and started his own label, Buygore Records.Word spread about Borgore's self-made tracks and remixes and he became a much buzzed about artist in Dubstep circles. But Borgore's music is way more eclectic than most artists given the Dubstep tag. Besides the Metal, he can go straight up Hip Hop or craftily mesh together a range of Electronica and EDM styles. Borgore's live shows have been widely acclaimed. More than just a strobe-light show and a dude behind the decks, Borgore incorporates dancers, a stage set and an irrepressible energy that finds him crowd-surfing often. Sounds like it's a mix of aerial dancing, strip-club bump and grind and Girl Talk's "be the crowd" antics. Below is a video of Borgore spinning live, followed (after the jump) by a very cheeky (and totally NSFW) clip for the title track of his recent EP, FLEX. Did I mention it's NSFW?

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