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Faster (Review)

Action thriller lacks a surprising or thrilling punch

0 Comments · Monday, November 29, 2010
Dwayne Johnson races down dark and dirty alleyways as an ex-con hunting down the men who double-crossed him during a major heist and killed his brother. Director George Tillman Jr. channels his inner Tony Scott here, but the script lacks a surprising or thrilling punch, and Tillman refuses to race fast and furiously into the darkest and most dangerous corners that would have at least made for some real B-movie glory. Grade: D.  

The Informers (Review)

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Bret Easton Ellis' novels translate nicely from page to screen. The author's obsession with pretty surfaces — from faces to food to designer clothes — is catnip for an industry/art form that thrives on images. The same can't quite be said of Gregor Jordan's adaptation of 'The Informers,' which is based on a collection of loosely connected short stories Ellis wrote during his college days. Grade: C-.