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The Messenger (Review)

Iraq War-at-home story is surprisingly compelling

0 Comments · Friday, January 1, 2010
"It must be hard for you," a woman apologetically tells the two officers (Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster) from the Army's casualty notification division who come to notify her of her husband's combat death in our ongoing wars in the Middle East. Her concern for their emotional well-being stuns them — they don't expect next-of-kin to care about anything other than their own loss. That concern is what makes 'The Messenger' so surprisingly compelling. Grade: B plus.  

Pandorum (Review)

Sci-fi mash-up lacks clarity

0 Comments · Tuesday, September 29, 2009
In the distant future, mankind has completely destroyed all of the resources on the planet and nearly wiped out all life as we know it, so after a space probe discovers a suitable planet for habitation the last ragtag human survivors set out to lay waste to this new world in typical fashion. Of course, before they arrive, something happens to them aboard their space ark. Grade: C.