CityBeat - Cover Story <![CDATA[Maximum MidPoint - ]]> The 2008 MidPoint Music Festival is upon us, so get ready for three nights of sublime entertainment from the best local, regional and international musicians ever to congregate in this region during one weekend. ]]> <![CDATA[Be Here Meow - Seattle PsychPop band The Purrs stays on the D.I.Y. path ... for now]]> Chances are, if you went out to see live original music in Cincinnati in the late '80s/early '90s, you've likely seen Jim Antonio on stage. Antonio was one of the best frontmen in town when he led Lizard 99, an Art Punk band in the vein of early Jane's Addiction. ]]> <![CDATA[He Knows What Funk Is - Getting schooled by Ohio mixmaster Ruckus Roboticus]]> Before the public adoration of narcotics. Before the high-profile relationships with B-list actresses. Before his festive, ornithological stage apparel. Manson was described as being well mannered and easy to talk to. He and the rest of the band were respectful and courteous. ]]> <![CDATA[Ready, Study, Go! - Knoxville's The Rockwells have learned from the best]]> There are plenty of interesting topics on which to quiz The Rockwells: their fantastic experience playing Bonnaroo in 2006 or the fact that the Knoxville-based band is made up of two sets of brothers. ]]> <![CDATA[It's All Goods - You should make a record sometime with Dallas and Travis Good of The Sadies]]> Asking guitarist Travis Good what The Sadies have been up to lately is like asking Bill Gates to count his money, you'll run out of time before he finishes. With The Sadies' notoriously double-booked recording schedule and frenetic touring calendar, it's obvious that they've likely had more irons than fire, and so it is. ]]> <![CDATA[Get to Know Why? - Cincinnati Natives Why? come home for MidPoint]]> Why`s kaleidoscopic musical output conjures a host of descriptors, the most accurate of which might be the Oakland-based band's own genre-spliced classification: "Pop-inflected Psychedelic Folk Hop." The brainchild of Cincinnati native/former cLOUDDEAD member Yoni Wolf, Why? started as a one-man bedroom project (2003's Oaklandazulasylum). ]]> <![CDATA[Jeff Cappell - cool elephant man]]> <![CDATA[Minding the Gap - A (footnoted) roundtable discussion with key members of Cincinnati's next generation of gallerists]]> Fifteen graffiti artists from around the country. … But mostly (we show) local artists and outsider artists. Those are my two specialties as I’m learning this busi ness. … The gallery opened April 2. I’m a newbie. ]]> <![CDATA[Jessica Flores - [cool contemporary]]]> This month, Jessica Flores begins her important new job as associate curator of contemporary art at the Cincinnati Art Museum. ]]> <![CDATA[ART ROUNDTABLE: FROM PAGE 24 - ]]> <![CDATA[Heather Britt - [cool moves]]]> Dance multi-hyphenate Heather Britt has a full plate this fall: a new full-time professorship in Northern Kentucky University’s Department of Theater and Dance, where she’s teaching Jazz; choreographing student productions; and run ning the school’s new outreach endeavor, the Dance for Fitness Troupe. ]]> <![CDATA[Joani Lacy - [cool writer]]]> <![CDATA[Cooling Off Cincinnati - The effects of climate change will end life as we know it in the Queen City]]> Don’t expect Cincinnati to be cov ered in a polar ice cap any time soon, but our actions are speed ing us toward a period of global cooling. ]]> <![CDATA[Joey Votto - [cool playa]]]> You have to go back all the way to 1999 to find a Cincinnati Reds player making a legiti mate run at the Rookie of the Year title. That was until first baseman Joey Votto started his red-hot 2008 campaign. ]]> <![CDATA[Talking Bout a Revolution - Elissa Sonnenberg helps guide UC journalism into its future]]> “I always had an interest in journalism, but it wasn’t until I met Elissa that I thought it was possible to become a journalist,” says McLendon, UC Journalism ’08. “She encouraged me to pitch to national magazines, to take risks and go after big stories. ]]> <![CDATA[Amy Hunter - [cool cook]]]> There’s an important mantra in a recent film: “Anyone can cook.” Amy Hunter believes that wholeheartedly. She also believes everyone can get better — and enjoy it more — with a little help. Enter the Creations Community Cooking Classes at the Midwest Culinary Institute (MCI) at Cincinnati State, for which Hunter is the coordinator. ]]> <![CDATA[Fall into Romance This Fall - It's date night at the cool bars]]> Fall is upon us, the time when you hear about even the most notorious workaholics and serial daters settling down, hooking up and/or falling in love. Perhaps it’s simply fear of the cold — what the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders describes as “cryophobia,” an aversion to snow and ice cubes that you don’t want to fight alone. ]]> <![CDATA[Cheryl Meadows - [cool mentor]]]> The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (CHRC) is sort of the local equivalent to United Nations peacekeepers. Their community mon itors, decked out in royal blue CHRC T-shirts, work to mediate argu ments and diffuse racial tensions at public events and street festivals. ]]> <![CDATA[James Crump - [cool image]]]> James Crump just arrived in Cincinnati to serve as the Cincinnati Art Museum’s new curator of pho tography. ]]> <![CDATA[FALL INTO ROMANCE THIS FALL: FROM PAGE 34 - ]]> the splendor of Solomon’s Temple.” So if you’re having such a good time that you’re moved to recite the Song of Solomon, this would be a good place — maybe the only place — to use a line like, “Let him/her kiss me with the kisses of his/her mouth: for thy love is better than wine.]]>