CityBeat - Film <![CDATA[Hailed ‘National Gallery’ Documentary Comes to CAM - ]]>

The year 2014 has been such a good one for feature films about the visual arts — both fictional and documentaries — that its offerings just won’t end.

<![CDATA[Watching and Interpreting the Lives of Others - ]]>

Selma captures the life and times of a movement distilled down to a chapter in one man’s journey.

<![CDATA[The Future Is Now: A Sneak Peek at the Year - ]]>

As a critic or cultural commentator, you are required to turn the page, flip the switch, or do whatever you have to do as quickly (and as smoothly) as possible when it comes to year end/new year coverage.

<![CDATA[From Film to Streaming: Time and Technology Wait for No One - ]]>

Movie culture has undergone a sea change as theaters of every stripe move to digital projection, a turnabout that has had more of an impact than might meet the eye.

<![CDATA[With MUBI, the Film Revolution Streams at Home - ]]>

Since signing up, I have embarked on an old-school word of mouth campaign in support of MUBI, whispering in the ears of cineastes in my inner circle, teasing them with hints about its possibilities.

<![CDATA[A Master of Art Forgery Eludes Dogged Local Tracker - ]]>

The dynamic between art forger Mark Landis and former museum registrar/Cincinnati resident Matthew Leininger is the mythic and existential stuff of legends.

<![CDATA[Legendary Still Photographer Douglas Kirkland Looks Past the Frames - ]]>

I was able to peruse Kirkland’s latest monograph — Douglas Kirkland: A Life in Pictures — and what struck me, right from the start, was his voice.

<![CDATA[Paul Haggis Keeps ‘Third Person’ a Remote Exercise - ]]>

“Watch me.”

The line of dialogue is whispered during a couple of key sequences in Third Person, the new film from Paul Haggis, the Academy Award-winning director of Crash (Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay). As you might imagine, the phrase insinuates itself dramatically into the hearts of the characters who hear it, as they attempt to heed the call.]]>
<![CDATA[Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (Review) - Geniunely goofy film adaptation stays true to its source]]> Megan McDonald, the writer behind the beloved children’s series of books based on the Judy Moody character, teams up with television screenwriter Kathy Waugh and director John Schultz to bring Judy (Jordana Beatty) to life in this genuinely goofy adaptation that dares to remain faithful to its third-grade-reader roots by not pandering with inappropriate pop-cultural references to lure in teens or adults. Grade: C-plus.]]> <![CDATA[Building a New Metropolis - Local filmmaker explores the challenges facing America's first suburbs]]> It it perceived that talented and creative people leave our cities and others for bigger and supposedly better environs. But Cincinnati resident and award-winning documentary filmmaker Andrea Torrice claims our city as inspiration. ]]> <![CDATA[HATE THY NEIGHBOR: FROM PAGE 79 - ]]> <![CDATA[Several new DVDs beg the question: What makes a movie star? - ]]> Since I started teaching film feature and review courses as an adjunct two years ago, first at Xavier University and now with the University of Cincinnati]]> <![CDATA[Film: Review: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days - Romanian abortion drama uses hyper-realism to powerful effect]]> <![CDATA[Film: Review: The Dark Knight - The latest Batman movie delivers more than a menacing farewell performance]]> <![CDATA[Film: Review: Hellboy II - Guillermo del Toro delivers an entertaining, surprisingly light sequel]]> <![CDATA[Film: Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth - Jules Verne goes 3-D with fun summer treatment]]> <![CDATA[Film: Review: Hancock - Will Smith mines familiar terrain for the summer holiday season]]> <![CDATA[Film: Review: Wanted - Action film stumbles in an effort to redraw the comic book genre]]> <![CDATA[Film: Review: Fugitive Pieces - World War II era drama is too ethereal for its own good]]> <![CDATA[Film: Review: The Incredible Hulk - New blockbuster is a nostalgic, often noisy look back]]>