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With the unemployment rate at near-record highs, about 70 percent of Cincinnati Public School students either receive free or reduced-cost lunches, indicating the dire need of local families. To help ensure as many children as possible have enough food to eat when not at school, Cincinnati Public Radio has partnered with two organizations to make donations go farther.

Every pledge made Friday to WVXU (91.7 FM) or WGUC (90.9 FM) will feed four Cincinnati children through Childhood Food Solutions and Green B.E.A.N. Delivery.---

“We’re donating oranges for every CFS Food Sack to help supplement students’ nutrition through the holiday break,” said Matt Ewer, founder of Green B.E.A.N. Delivery. “The community of Cincinnati is lucky to have an organization like CFS working every day on creating solutions to address food insecurity and hunger relief.”

CFS Food Sacks are delivered to families living in poverty-stricken areas, where many children rely heavily on the meals they eat at school. Food Sacks will contain a variety of products to help ensure proper nutrition through winter break.

"We’re banding together because thousands of children in Cincinnati are faced with hunger insecurity,” said Tony Fairhead, director of CFS. “These kids receive Food Sacks for weekends and vacation breaks so they can come back to school and focus on learning, not that they are hungry.”

Donations may be made to WVXU by visiting or calling 513-419-7155, while donations may be made to WGUC by visiting or calling 513-241-5757.

For more information about Childhood Food Solutions and Food Sacks, visit

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