CityBeat Blogs - Science <![CDATA[Got Diabetes, Get Inked]]>

I think I'm in love. Just think: Instead of pulling out my gear at the bar to test my levels, all I'll have to do is check my skin. So in love.

Fantastic research has developed a ink using nano technology that can be used in tattoo and will change if blood sugar levels get outside the normal range. Of course this is all still experimental.---

Read more about it here. Do you think my insurance will getting sleeved?

<![CDATA[2,000-Year-Old Computer Resurrected]]>

Jacques Cousteau described then Antikythera mechanism, a First Century B.C. computer, as being more valuable than the Mona Lisa. The device has been reconstructed a number of times. This video is the latest and illustrates the device's gearing and clockwork that was more than a millennium ahead of its time.