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David "Bones" Hebert Memorial
 MAY 1, 2011 - A New Orleans style Jazz funeral procession took place on Sunday afternoon in memorial to David "Bones" Hebert, passing the place on Chase Ave. where he was shot dead by a Cincinnati police officer in the early hours of April 18th and ending in Hoffner Park where friends spoke in rememberance of him.  The memorial at the address on Chase Ave. where Hebert was shot.


05.03.2011 at 11:53 Reply
It is great to see not only the music community, but also the northside community rally together. Although I have only seen the media portion of this story, It seems that this situation shopuld have been avoidable, and handled more delicately. There should not have been loss of life in this situation. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this victom.


05.03.2011 at 11:56 Reply
I am heartened to see the number of people who gathered to march for our friend Bones. I sincerely hope the City of Cincinnati takes notice. For every person that attended, there were several who could not attend due to work, family or other prior engagements, who wanted to be there, and were with us in spirit. We chose to express our grief and frustration and anger over the senselessness of the murder of David "Bones" Hebert, in a peaceful show of unity that honors the manner in which Bones lived, and speaks to the hope we have for how our city and community can be. We are sad enough, and enraged enough, at the brutality that caused his death, to riot. Yet we chose to transcend our anger, and do something beautiful in memory of Bones. This is only the beginning. Change is called for. I hope the powers that be are listening. ~My thanks to Mr. David Sorcher and CityBeat for presenting this in such a clear and unbiased light. Each picture speaks a thousand words.


05.03.2011 at 12:10 Reply
I have never been so proud of seeing everyone pull together for our beloved friend. I have been in the music scene for many years and its really awesome to see so much support. I played in Dixie Trash with Bones for almost 5 years and now he is the second out of that band that we have lost. I know that Bones and Tom are reunited now. I just hope that we can find truth and justice for this terrible loss. Tom Kohne and David "Bones" Hebert R.I.P.


05.03.2011 at 06:53 Reply
Simply beautiful