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To suggest an event for CityBeat to list in print or online, email calendar@citybeat.com

Live Music Listings
To suggest a live music show or concert to list in print or online, email music@citybeat.com

Staff List


Tony Frank x.103 (Email)

Danny Cross (Email)

Music Editor
Mike Breen (Email)

Senior Editor/Eats
Maija Zummo (Email)

Arts & Culture Editor
Jac Kern (Email)

Staff Writers

Natalie Krebs (Email), Nick Swartsell (Email)

Copy Editor
Emily Begley (Email)

(Calendar and Listing Email)

Contributing Editors
Rick Pender, Theater (Email)
Steve Rosen, Art (Email)
tt stern-enzi, Film (Email)

Contributing Writers

Reyan Ali, Anne Arenstein, Casey Arnold, Brian Baker, Chris Charlson, Brian Cross, Hayley Day, Jane Durrell, Kristen Franke, Jason Gargano, Katie Holocher, Ben L. Kaufman, Deirdre Kaye, John J. Kelly, Harper Lee, James McNair, Candace Miller-Janidlo, Anne Mitchell, Tamera Lenz Muente, Julie Mullins, Sean Peters, Rodger Pille, Garin Pirnia, Selena Reder, Ilene Ross, Holly Rouse, Kathy Schwartz, Maria Seda-Reeder, Leyla Shokoohe, tt stern-enzi, Isaac Thorn, Kathy Valin, Kathy Y. Wilson, P.F. Wilson

Creative Director
Jennifer Hoffman (Email)

Designer and Photographer
Jesse Fox (Email)

CityBeat Events Director 

Kenneth Wright (Email)

To suggest an event for CityBeat to list in print or online, email calendar@citybeat.com 

Sales Account Managers

Stephanie Hatfield x. 114 (Email)

Neil White x.111 (Email)

Annette Frac x.113 (Email)

Dan Radank x. 117 (Email)

Advertising Coordinator
Kane Kitchen x.119 (Email)

Office Administrator / Billing
Brandi Ballou  (Email)

Circulation Manager
Steve Ferguson (Email)

Distribution Team
Partha Chattopadhyay, Doug Drennan, Jerry Ennls, Pam Hood, Bob Logsdon, Terry Matzner,
Dan Parker-Ferguson, Joan Powers, John Ritenour, Tom Sand

Employment Contact
Send resume and cover letter to resumes@citybeat.com 

For all other correspondence, please address e-mails to Letters


Chief Executive Officer

Chris Ferrell

Chief Financial Officer
Ed Tearman

Chief Operating Officer
Blair Johnson

Executive Vice President
Mark Bartel

Vice President of Finance
Carla Simon

Vice President of Production Operations
Curt Pordes

Vice President of Content/Communication
Patrick Rains

Todd Patton

Creative Director
Heather Pierce