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Tummy to Tummy: Choosing & Using a Baby Sling or Carrier

Keith Bowers
12:45 p.m., Saturday February 02 | Free.

 Social conditioning has led parents to believe that if a baby is held or carried too frequently they'll be spoiled, clingy or demanding.  Modern research reveals quite the opposite! Babies worn in slings are <i>less</i> clingy and tend to initiate separation much earlier.  The sling results in less frustration and stress, which means less crying. There are many benefits, and our baby-wearing moms and experts will share their favorites and assist you in trying out a variety of choices!

Where: Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center
Phone: 513-591-2332
Address: 4244 Hamilton Ave.
Website: www.theplaceforfamilies.com

Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center

4244 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio
From pregnancy to preteen and everything in between, the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center is THE PLACE!
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