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News: Skunk Kiss Equals True Love, Skunk Club Members Say

0 Comments · Thursday, March 4, 1999
Chuck Collins loves skunks. He's downright giddy when describing their many qualities, saying that they have great personalities, are sweet, lovable, intelligent and easily litter box trained -- as   

News: Incentive or Insult?

Welfare reform critics charge that instead of going from welfare to work, the poor are being driven further into hardship

0 Comments · Thursday, February 25, 1999
Ohio's welfare reform legislation enacted in 1996 is being touted as a success by many public officials who report that the number of people on public assistance is down. According to the Hamilt  

News: Drawing the Line

Drop Inn shelter supporters refuse to budge, citing 'prejudice' that would force them out and prevent relocation

0 Comments · Thursday, February 18, 1999
The Drop Inn Center shelter will not move -- and it shouldn't have to. That was the message given by religious and civic leaders, directors of social services centers and current and former resi  

West Side Jokes Unregrettable

0 Comments · Thursday, February 18, 1999
Not all of the Republican supporters who got invitations to a fund-raiser from Hamilton County Commissioner Bob Bedinghaus were amused by the mailing, which was labeled "Passport to the West Side  

News: Getting What They Pay For?

Inspector's indictment on bribery charge is latest image problem for emissions testing program

0 Comments · Thursday, February 11, 1999
It started out with complaints about long lines, high fees and damaged cars. Next came complaints about errors and inaccurate results that led to a shut-down. Then it was re-implemented. Then cam  

News: More Choices, More Giving?

Now in its final stages of applying for donations by payroll deductions at City Hall, Community Shares claims that choice helps everyone

0 Comments · Thursday, February 11, 1999
Greater Cincinnati Community Shares now has payroll deduction at 35 companies and organizations, including the University of Cincinnati, several law firms and state and federal agencies. But the gro  

The Vision of Rail

0 Comments · Thursday, February 11, 1999
Cincinnati City Councilman Todd Portune's multiphase commuter rail line proposal is meeting some resistance from the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Cou  

News: Riverfront Panel Selection Doesn't Reflect 'Come on Board' Invite, Stadium Activist Says

0 Comments · Thursday, February 4, 1999
Andrew Laurens, 32, isn't a bigwig in Cincinnati, but he has been involved in some big projects. As campaign strategist for the Broadway Commons campaign, Laurens played an important role in researc  

Where's Our Strong Mayor?

0 Comments · Thursday, February 4, 1999
At a Jan. 30 meeting of the Cincinnati Democratic Committee, members could not agree on whether to get behind Build Cincinnati, the bipartisan group that has been working on a city charter amendment   

News: Is Hope the Answer?

Cincinnati Federation of Teachers president questions

0 Comments · Thursday, January 28, 1999
Ever since Riverside-Harrison Elementary School closed 17 years ago, area parents have wanted another neighborhood school for their children. But the new Riverside Academy set to open this fall a