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Event: Gambling Rose Tattoo Convention

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 10, 2013
It is time for Cincinnati to get inked at renowned tattoo artist Shane O’Neill’s Gambling Rose Tattoo Convention this weekend. Whether you’re a body art collector or a tattoo virgin, you’ll   

Event: Queen City Sausage Festival

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Get ready for the biggest sausage fest in town as Queen City Sausage pays homage to Porkopolis all weekend long. There’s sure to be enough meat to go around as the sausage company hosts brat   

Event: LaRosa's Balloon Glow

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 3, 2013
You won’t know whether you’ve run off and joined the circus or entered Alice’s Wonderland as dozens of giant hot air balloons glow over Coney Island and fill the night with dazzling colors. Mix   

Event: Intergalactic Bead and Jewelry Show

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Remember the good old days when a friendship bracelet meant the world to your BFF? When everything had to be bedazzled and winning Pretty, Pretty Princess was all you needed to have the best day ever?  

Carolyn Peterson

Educating students about sexuality and self-expression, giving LGBTQ students the "permission" to be completely themselves

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 26, 2013
If there’s anything University of Cincinnati human sexuality professor Carolyn Peterson wants to give you, it’s the gift of permission, of consent, to everyone, but especially to her students who identify as LGBTQ.  

Cortnie Owens

Breaking down gender and body image walls by publicly discussing her experience as a gay, body-positive woman living in Cincinnati

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Cortnie Owens has come pretty far from her rural East Side upbringing. After choosing to remain closeted about her sexuality during her high school years, Owens escaped the countryside to pursue a lifestyle decidedly more urban.   

Event: Happy Hour with the Butterflies

0 Comments · Monday, June 24, 2013
Their drink of choice is nectar while you prefer something a little stronger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get together for a fantastic party. Join the butterflies of Krohn Conservatory’s c  

Event: Jungle Jim's International Beer Fest

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Do you find yourself wandering the aisles of your local supermarket bored to tears with its lackluster brews? Do you find yourself wishing it was Oktoberfest every month of the year to no avail? Then   

Event: Date Night Movies at the Park

0 Comments · Monday, June 3, 2013
Whether you’re a broke-ass college kid looking for a place to take your summer fling on the cheap or dying for an excuse to get out of the house with your partner, Washington Park has your answer to  

Oh Golly, Holly: Secrets of a Stylist

Getting personal with personal shopping

{CommentsCant} · Thursday, May 30, 2013
One of our summer interns, Holly, is a stylist and buyer at Clothes Mentor in West Chester who writes about style, DIY and other stories and people that inspire her. Check out her blog, Oh Golly, Holly, to read more. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times: Knowing your personal s...