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Event: Cincinnati International Wine Festival

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 6, 2012
The grape vines have begun to bud, the wildflowers blossoming in California wine country. Here, it's snowing outside and even with your eyes squeezed shut it’s hard to evade the cold. There’s n  

4 German Bars with Food

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 29, 2012
The two things I am most proud of after working in a German bar for a year are being able to carry three liters of beer in each hand and taking a warm sauerkraut juice and Jager shot without letting out a whimper. If you like pickled things, meat and carbs then German cuisine should be a must.  

8 Bars for Jazz

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Jack Kerouac’s “Essentials of Spontaneous Prose,” instructed one to write “as a jazz musician drawing breath between out-blown phrases.” I like to imagine that jazz notes fit perfectly in-between the spaces of each of our inhales and exhales.  

9 LGBT-Friendly Spots

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 29, 2012
LGBT communities are a second star to the right for many, a place where one can feel safe, supported and free to enjoy whatever types of cocktails they please. This collection of LGBT-friendly bars is just a slice of such drinkeries the Queen City offers.   

Event: Food and Music Festival

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Have you ever wondered why restaurants have music playing or there is food sold at music concerts? What would these places be like without these seemingly unnoticed attributes? concert:nova presents t  

Event: Voices of the Heart Dinner Auction

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Remember in elementary school when you gave valentines to everyone in your class and not just that "special someone?" Well, why can't we share the love now   

Events: Let Them Eat Cake_MF

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 31, 2012
To some it may have seemed that I was one of those kids that was always falling. But I saw it differently — I thought of it as trying to fly. I was never happy moving my legs in a straight line or k  

Events: No Particular Menu

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 17, 2012
We all have billions of words, thousands of stories that are often neglected for everyday exchanges. In a world that seems to be constantly filled with noise, are we all being silenced? Important Peop  

Events: Cavalcade of Customs

0 Comments · Monday, January 9, 2012