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Lisa Molyneux

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 12, 2000
Lisa Molyneux had to add a little pigskin to the Phantom of the Slopera andPig-malion, since their heads weren't designed to wear hats. She had to build up their craniums before they could don f  

Terry Boyle

0 Comments · Thursday, June 22, 2000
SwineLake, created for theCincinnati Ballet, began as one pig, but before long it grew to a five-pig dancing pyramid, says artist Terry Boyle, who plans to finish it by the end of June. Earlier B  

Artist Profile: Romelli Design Inc.

0 Comments · Thursday, June 8, 2000
CAM Ham, one of eight pigs at the Cincinnati Art Museum, was created by ROMELLI DESIGN INC. The pig was a collaboration of the history of the museum with the personality of Patrick Romelli Jr.'s   

Cover Story: Generation Next

College campuses debate the life, death and redefinition of Feminism

0 Comments · Thursday, May 11, 2000
"don't avert my eyes anymore/ in a man's world/ i am a woman by birth/ and after nineteen times around i have found/ they will stop at nothing once they know what you are worth." -- Ani DiFr