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Cover Story: Within the Bounds

Poetry slams put limits on a limitless form of expression

0 Comments · Thursday, June 28, 2001
Poetry seems to be a literary genre without limits, but poetry slams change the rules by putting up some boundaries. Poetry slams began in the 1980s when Chicago poet Marc Smith came up with the i  

Cover Story: Hot Italian

Bocce? Hot-chee!

0 Comments · Thursday, May 31, 2001
The hottest Italian offering in Greater Cincinnati this summer won't come with pasta. It'll be served on gravel. It's bocce ball, the traditional Italian game that's played on a gravel surfac  

Cover Story: Hot Wiff

A Game for the Passionate

0 Comments · Thursday, May 31, 2001
Some people are passionate for a sport because they get paid millions to play. Others are passionate for a sport because of the bragging rights -- like the hearty souls who organized Wifflepalooza  

Cover Story: When I Grow Up

How two roads changed at mid-life

0 Comments · Thursday, May 10, 2001
We are born with possibilities. Our parents envision us as presidents, doctors, astronauts and actresses even before we can walk or form sentences. But as we age, it seems, so do our possibilitie  

Cover Story: Passing the Grade

Can your boyfriend measure up?

0 Comments · Thursday, February 8, 2001
My senior year of high school I was nominated "The most likely to have the most consecutive long-term relationships." For graduation, my best friend bought me a copy of The Rules inscribed with   

Big Pig Gig: Piggy For Sale

Going once ... going twice ... Oink!

0 Comments · Thursday, November 2, 2000
Now you can take one of the pigs home without getting arrested. The eBay auction site opened on Nov. 1 to sell more than 140 of the porkers to the highest bidder. Betsy Neyer, the Big Pig Gig's di  

Carole Meyer

0 Comments · Thursday, November 2, 2000
CAROLE MEYER cannot escape making a statement with her art. "I think my work is very strong," she says calmly, "not just a pretty picture. It evokes a response from the viewer." She also spea  

Merle Rosen

0 Comments · Thursday, October 26, 2000
MERLE ROSEN says her artwork and her teaching are a spiritual practice. Through various artistic media, she hopes to connect with her "internal dialogue." Rosen teaches to help others do the sam  

Behle Street Cafe, Covington

Talking 'Bout Our Generation

0 Comments · Thursday, October 26, 2000
I spend a great deal of time in the bathroom when I'm at Behle Street Cafe. Not because of my gender or any gastrointestinal problem, but because I love the large, circular mirror in the women's res  

Melissa Day

0 Comments · Thursday, October 19, 2000
Artist ProfileMelissa Day Graphic artist MELISSA DAY has a CD design, book cover and a festival poster to her credit. But since they were all created for the Art Institute of Cincinnati, where sh