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Novel Ideas for Cincinnati’s Future

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 20, 2013
 The Jelly Bus: This is not actually a bus wrapped in jelly, as the name suggests. It is a bus dressed up like a jet whose route connects to CVG airport. Of course, Northern Kentucky’s 2x TANK already services the airport, but just imagine the novelty of a trolley bus that looks like a jet airplane — a Jelly Bus!   

Ghost Fans

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 2, 2013
I think that we, as humans, are natural participators, but maybe we, as Cincinnatians, are isolated in the Hinterland. We are so self-conscious about making a good impression that when we are finally in close contact with other humans we become afraid to break convention and make noise in support of something we purport to love.

Six Ways to Fight the Fiscal Cliff with Holiday Spirit

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 20, 2012
With tax hikes and spending cuts known as the “fiscal cliff” on the horizon and a Congress that has been unwilling to meet under the mistletoe to decide how they will rear the 2013 New Year’s Budget-Baby, it seems that we as citizens need to provide our elected officials an example of how to kiss and make up this holiday season.  

The Phantom of Paul Brown Stadium: a Love Story

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Jessie was still determined to make the most of her limited time, be it in a practical and fatalistic way. So on Halloween night, on the deck of the Carew Tower where her great grandfather had died, in a city where dark matter was constantly pushing to abandon zeal in favor of the status quo and with which her fate was inextricably bound, Jessie attended a posh and outrageous costume party dressed as Mary Jane, Peter Parker’s girlfriend in the Spiderman comic series — her intelligent, independent and tenacious comic book role model.