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Events: Guinness Oyster Festival

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Slimy, slippery and salty, a three-word alliteration; it could refer to many things savory and unsavory. This festival deals in the savory category of those adjectives: oysters. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase 40 different oyster-based dishes from Washington Platform Saloon and Restaurant.  

Events: Mustache Bash

0 Comments · Monday, August 22, 2011
The mustache — it's a hairy bridge between the nose and the upper lip. Its variations know no bounds and range from gritty to waxed to handlebar. Mustache snobs will be on hand Wednesday to judge real and fake mustaches on both men and women at Arnold's Bar and Grill Downtown. There will also be a variety of bands playing to get those upper-lip hairs standing on end.  

Events: Bill Goodman's North American Gun and Knife Show

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Lets face it: Americans love their guns. America’s second amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms. It precedes voting, trial laws, slavery and (naturally) cruel and unusual punishment. Success or failure in the political world sometimes hinges on gun rights legislation — just ask John Kerry. And what’s not to like about guns? They’re loud, they make holes in stuff and some even blow things up. Enticing, right?  

Textbook Buyer’s Guide

Planning and research are key to lowering textbook costs

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 10, 2011
College is expensive. There’s no doubt about it. College is also incredibly finite. One can lose the opportunity to attend easily. One of the biggest culprits of failure is, well, literal academic failure. Thus one must be armed with all the right tools to succeed.  

Events: Second Sunday on Main: Indie 'Nati

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “independent” as "not affiliated with a larger controlling unit." It says "I did it myself, man (with a little help from my friends)." The beauty of indie culture, though, comes from the bit between the parentheses. Second Sunday on Main decided to dedicate an entire street festival to elements that surround indie culture.  

Events: Whiskey Rock

0 Comments · Tuesday, July 26, 2011
The weekend comes around but once a week. The glorious Saturday sunrise reminds some of us that we have the day to ourselves and to our own vices. For those who work on Saturdays ... tough break, kid. The good news is Whiskey Rock won’t go down until that glorious sun does, and speaking of vices, there will be booze.  

Events: Queen City Sausage Festival

0 Comments · Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Let's get this out of the way now… it’s a literal sausage-fest for lack of a better term. Cincinnati's own Queen City Sausage arranged the celebration of all things meat in tubular casing. The company says there will be over 20 ways to enjoy their different forms of sausage. Vendors promise to deliver mett pizza, mett and brat coneys, gyro metts and Super Brats.