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Next-Generation Lit

The Blue Marble remains a hidden gem for young readers after 33 years of service

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 20, 2012
The stairway to the Goodnight Moon room at The Blue Marble serves as a portal to a simpler, more magical time most of us recall as childhood. The local Fort Thomas children’s bookstore this month celebrates 33 years providing literature for children of all ages and interests.   

Events: OTR Pool Party

0 Comments · Tuesday, July 12, 2011
If you're looking for an adventurous way to top off your weekend, consider dumpster diving in Over-the-Rhine. That's right — Cincinnati is taking cues from other cities' summer celebrations and converting an ordinary dumpster into a certified swimming pool. It's happening Sunday thanks to City Council candidate Chris Seelbach's latest bash to raise campaign cash.  

Events: Dog's Night Out

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Save your dinner scraps for the cat this Tuesday and treat Spot to some of the city’s finest ice cream crafted specially for dogs. Graeter's Dog's Night Out features Frosty Paws — they're free of sugar, artificial flavors and colors and other normal no-no's for your loyal companion, which makes it totally cool to bring your pup to chill by your side to devour dairy desserts after a hot summer day.  

Events: The Yoni Show

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 11, 2011
After nine months of swelling, mood swings and abstaining from beer, coffee and carnival rides, you’d think a woman could at least choose her method of giving birth. Not so, says the state of Ohio. Enter The Yoni Show (and yes, you read that right — “Yoni,” as in the Sanskrit word for vagina). Whether you’re a man, woman, parent or not, you can support the cause and get a night of entertainment at The Aquarius Star and its OM Café.  

Events: Cinco de Mayo Cantina Crawl

0 Comments · Tuesday, May 3, 2011
It just makes sense to surrender control of drinking festivities to journalists. Why else would Mark Twain have a brand of bourbon named after him? So don't fret when planning how to spend your Cinco de Mayo 2011 — we at CityBeat have you covered with our second annual Cantina Crawl. Kick off the celebration of Mexican culture at Fountain Square with live Latin tunes from Zumba before hitting up (some of!) the 80 participating bars mapped out for your convenience.  

Attractions: Butterflies of Brazil

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Put some Samba in your step by fluttering on down to the Krohn Conservatory's 16th annual butterfly show. The event provides a rare opportunity to celebrate culture, nature and the beauty of the butterfly. It's not every day that you can interact with 16,000 of those pretty little winged creatures, but at the butterfly show, you can — seriously, the exhibit is actually open every day.