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Events: New Year's Eve Blast

0 Comments · Monday, December 27, 2010
New Year's Eve approaches and most people already have their preferred locale chosen, usually the one with the best bathroom for when you inevitably puke up your fifth Long Island Iced Tea as the ball drops. But perhaps you aren’t among the prepared? Or maybe Christmas bankrupted you and paying a cover for a bar is just asking for too much? Then head down to Toyota's New Year's Eve Blast on Fountain Square.  

Events: Latkapalooza

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Want to have some Christmas night fun without the Christ part? Want to have a drink Christmas night without having to worry about your little cousins taking your wine glass and "feeding" the tree? Then perhaps a little change is in order, something along the lines of Access and The Jewish Federation's Young Adult Division's Latkapalooza 2010. Taking place on Saturday night, this 11th annual event gives young professionals ages 21-45 a chance to mingle with one another.  

Events: Mount Adams Reindog Parade

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Dog = man's best friend. Reindeer = Santa's transportation. Dogs dressed up as reindeer = freakishly adorable. Parading your dressed-up best friend for all to see? Now that's what the Christmas season is all about. The Mount Adams Reindog Parade has given pooch owners a chance to do just that for 20 years. This year's parade, sponsored by the Cincinnati SPCA, will begin in the Monastery parking lot with this year’s grand marshal, Marty Brennaman, overseeing the event.  

Events: Grapevine Wine Walk

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Shopping is fun. Drinking is also fun. Any event that brings these two activities together is a match made in heaven. The Grapevine Wine Walk, a monthly wine tasting held in Over-the-Rhine, must have a hotline to God. This month’s event will be held in OTR's Gateway Quarter, centered on the corner of 12th and Vine streets. Get some holiday shopping done at 4U Urban Fashion Boutique, Joseph Williams Home, MiCA 12/v and Switch.  

Switchblade Syndicate with Koffin Kats

Dec. 10 • Southgate House

0 Comments · Sunday, November 28, 2010
Northern Kentucky-based Switchblade Syndicate has been playing together since May, having risen from the ashes of vocalist Veronica Grim and guitarist Jimmy "El Rey" Nielsen's former group, De Los Muertos. They have flourishes of Country, Punk, Rockabilly, Honky Tonk, Surf, Psychobilly, Sleaze and seemingly every other major genre you can think of — it simply takes too much time to describe their complete sound.  

Switchblade Syndicate (Profile)

Diverse, high-energy rockers cut their own path

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Rock & Roll is a cliche. The radio is filled with countless songs about love and loss, sin and redemption and sex and drugs, most written by one-hit wonders. But what if the songs were actually memorable? What if the music put vice clamps on your grey matter and didn't let go? What if the lyrics stuck with you well after last call? It's those kinds of songs that have made Switchblade Syndicate one of Cincinnati's brightest young acts.  

Attractions: Holiday in Lights

0 Comments · Monday, November 22, 2010
Want to enjoy the Christmas season without freezing your candy cane? Then Holiday in Lights at Sharon Woods was created for you. This Cincinnati tradition is a mile-long Christmas lights display that you can view from your car, heater blasting. After the trip down holiday lane, you can enjoy Sharon Woods' Santaland, where the kids can meet the big guy and the adults can enjoy some Christmas tunes from local musicians.  

Events: Cincinnati Unchained

0 Comments · Monday, November 15, 2010
Shopping. Some love it, some hate it and some just get on Amazon and do it in their underwear. But if there was ever a reason to put on your sweat pants and roll out of the house, Cincinnati Unchained would be it. This Saturday, more than 50 local stores and websites will be hosting specials to entice shoppers out for a day of shopping bliss. But Cincinnati Unchained is more than just a day of deals; it will also help the local businesses and community.  

Music: Iron Fest

0 Comments · Tuesday, October 26, 2010
There is more to Rock & Roll than just sex, drugs and partying. Sure, those are big parts of the experience and a hell of a lot of fun, but in between all the obvious benefits a community is built. Sadly, Cincinnati's Rock & Roll scene has lost one of its members, "Iron" Mike Davidson. To celebrate his memory, Dandelion Death, Banderas, Corpus Christi, Valley of the Sun, Arlis Perry, The Mudpies, Smoke Signals and more local acts will be performing at Iron Fest Saturday at the Southgate House.  

Events: Addams Family Gay BINGO

0 Comments · Tuesday, October 19, 2010
What do you think of when your eyes pass over the word bingo? If you haven't fallen asleep already, you're probably close. What bingo needs is a little shot in the arm, a little pizazz, a little spark. Maybe a game with an Addams Family theme perhaps? How about easily accessible alcohol during the event? Now we're talking. And luckily for us potential bingo card jockeys, Cincinnati Gay Bingo has just the event for us.