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The Catcher in the Rhine

Ousted by City Hall, CIRV's founder believes more must be done to end cycle of violence

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 8, 2010
In 2006, shocked by the city's highest recorded homicide rate and witness to a 300 percent increase in gunshot wounds at the Children's Hospital, Dr. Victor Garcia enlisted the help of a New York City criminology professor to create the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV). Three years later, Garcia claims CIRV is "necessary, but totally insufficient."  

Losing Lucy

A local woman's legal case will help same-sex parents across Ohio, but she might lose her daughter in the process

8 Comments · Wednesday, March 3, 2010
For Michele Hobbs, the situation is tragically simple: Somewhere in Cincinnati is a 4-year-old girl named Lucy, whom she helped raise for two years and loves as her daughter. Because she isn't biologically related to Lucy, the courts have ruled that Hobbs has no legal right to see her. But love isn't so easily thwarted.  

Blowing Their Tops

Local activists fight mountaintop removal mining, raise awareness

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 11, 2009
The oak forest around him is thick and silent, dappled with autumn sunlight. But the serenity stops abruptly at a cliff on the edge of McKinley Sumner's 63 acres in the Eastern Kentucky mountains. It's been six years now since his neighbor sold out to the International Coal Group and the mountaintop removal mining began, but Sumner's eyes still flash at the sight.  

A PATH Out of Homelessness

Social workers reach out to mentally ill on streets

1 Comments · Tuesday, November 3, 2009
There are about 8,400 homeless people in Hamilton County. More than 2,000 have a severe mental illness. A local nonprofit called PATH is trying to help them.