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Owned by Ono, Kanye's Film and Rock 'N Roll Camp

3 Comments · Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Giving the Beatles hell wasn’t enough for Yoko Ono, as Rock Band designers are now getting a taste of the former First Lady of Rock. Ono reportedly decided to wait until the last minute to tell the designers of The Beatles: Rock Band video game that she felt it needed some major overhauls before its release.  

The Enquirer, Election Commission, Public Library

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 19, 2009
THE ENQUIRER: Admittedly, we have a history of questioning the actions of The Cincinnati Enquirer, but we’ll give them a shout out this week. Editor & Publisher has listed The Enquirer as one of “10 That Do it Right” in 2009.  

To Dorm or Not to Dorm

That's just one of many important decisions facing incoming freshmen

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 5, 2009
College is a time of decisions: Where are you going to go to school? What are you going to major in? What organizations are you going to join? While considering these long-term scenarios, another eminent decision to make is whether or not to live on or off campus.