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Fiery Furnaces Expect the Unexpected

Brother/sister duo find consistency in staying unpredictable

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 4, 2009
For Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger, better known as The Fiery Furnaces (a New York-based, Illinois-bred, hyper-experimental Indie band) family-based music wasn't a career move but rather a lifestyle. The Friedbergers boasted not only a guitar-wielding, piano-playing mother, but their grandmother was also a choir director. For them, music ostensibly doesn't exist outside a filial context.  

Wilco's Axeman Is Gainfully Employed

Nels Cline enjoys more than job security in his gig

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 10, 2009
A reinvigorated Wilco was born when Jeff Tweedy called Nels Cline to invite him into the band. When Tweedy emerged from addiction treatment to a new lineup for the band's following record and tour, the adventurous Cline at the helm with his axe. While Cline has spent most of life making music, being a centerpiece in what he calls a "legendary" Rock band hadn't occurred to him.   

The Zen of Gay

A cross-cultural and cross-philosophical view of gay pride

3 Comments · Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Cincinnati is full of gay people. Full. Of. Them. Gays and lesbians operate at every level on the community, from the bartenders at your favorite Clifton pub to doctors and lawyers in downtown firms. They cook your meals. They connect your calls. They tell you that you look fat in skinny jeans. It’s just like Fight Club, but with gays.