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Hooked On Comics

The Cincinnati Comic Expo returns for a bigger, better second year of fun and fantasy

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Comic book culture is embedded in our collective imaginations like never before, inspiring a slew of Hollywood blockbusters like Batman and Superman (for starters), as well as a number of gritty independent films, such as American Splendor, Ghost World and Road to Perdition. The genre also attracts all manner of craftsmen to explore it as a new medium, from Michael Chabon to Kevin Smith to Stephen King.   

From Page to Screen

Illustrator Dave Gibbons discusses a new 'Watchmen' book and movie

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Director Zack Snyder's reputation from box-office smash '300' and a much-publicized court skirmish over the rights to his latest film, 'Watchmen,' has generated a lot of hype, getting mainstream moviegoers interested and whipping comic-book fanboys into a frenzy.