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Events: MoBo Bicycle Co-op Fund-raiser Party

0 Comments · Tuesday, May 12, 2009
MoBo, Cincinnati’s non-profit, all-volunteer bicycle cooperative, provides cyclists with the technical know-how, tools and parts necessary to keep bikes in working order as well as a community space in which to gather and discuss how best to stick it to the motorists. Get acquainted with MoBo at 7 p.m., when everyone’s invited to their Third Annual Fund-raiser Party at Northside’s Off the Avenue Studios. Twelve dollars gets you in the door ($10 if you’re a member). You’ll find a raffle and silent auction, live music from Chuck and Lisa of Wussy and the Read (and more), and chow from Melt, the Hideaway and Take the Cake.  

Events: Movie Night on Fountain Square

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Cheap dates, downtown transients and budget-conscious suburbanites alike finally have reason to rejoice, for at long last there is one place to come together in Cincinnati and enjoy free outdoor entertainment. Starting Saturday at 7:30 p.m., P&G and Toyota present Movie Nights on Fountain Square, a weekly dose of big-budget cinema brought to you by that great beacon of light, the giant LED screen. Bring your own lawn chairs, blankets and butt pillows, plop down and enjoy such modern classics as Jurassic Park, Independence Day and Spider Man. Double features start May 30 and continue weekly until Sept. 12.  

The Hands Across Basements Fest

Returning for a second year of underground Punk goodness

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Maybe The Ramones said it best on the seventh track of their 1976 debut album: “Hey daddyo/I don’t wanna go down/To the basement/There’s somethin’ down there.” Imagine the place these primal punks were conjuring up: A damp, dimly lit underground room in an ancient house with a low-hung ceiling.  

Music: Hands Across Basements Fest

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Hands Across Basements (this Thursday through Saturday) is Cincinnati’s three-day celebration of the pure, fun-loving spirit of loud music in subterranean settings. There are no riders, no guest lists, no bouncers and (hopefully) no problems. The fest is just fans and bands of all ages, backgrounds and experience representing all known permutations of what’s considered “Punk” and coming together to have a good time and rock out on private property.  

Events: Antique and Classic Car Show

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 21, 2009
For the 32nd consecutive year, the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce lines up shiny old hot rods for your viewing pleasure. The Antique and Classic Car Show features hundreds of well-maintained (or just plain refurbished) vehicles from the Golden Age of American auto manufacturing. Mopar muscle cars, Camaros and Corvettes from Chevy and Ford Mustangs and Thunderbirds will all be on display. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. in downtown Sharonville.  

Events: Earth Day

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Sawyer Point is again party central for this year’s Earth Day celebration. Those seeking family-friendly fun will find a petting zoo, rock-climbing wall, a “green” fashion show and many more attractions to occupy the kids. Hands-on exhibits and information booths from local environmental groups, businesses and agencies will give the more information-starved grown-ups among us something to do. And there will be live music from Wild Carrot and the Rumpke Mountain Boys. Noon-7 p.m.  

Benjy Ferree: Come Back to the Five and Dime Bobby Dee Bobby Dee

[Domino Records]

1 Comments · Wednesday, April 8, 2009
First off, dude sounds like the long-lost lovechild of Queen's Freddie Mercury and T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan, a pair who in a perfect world would have made a great Rock & Roll gay couple, no doubt. In any case, the fusion could only have created a mutant MercuRex musician so ferociously pompous in his stylistic grandiosity as Mr. Ferree, whose overly verbose songs are pretty catchy despite their penchant for being over-the-top.  

The Bird And The Bee: Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future

[Blue Note]

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 8, 2009
L.A. duo The Bird and The Bee loves to use that bad synthesized harpsichord sound that Stereolab somehow made kosher. They also add hackneyed Tropicalia and "Jazz" flourishes, and it's all set down on top of mindless, pre-programmed beats.  

Events: Easter Egg Hunt

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 7, 2009
On the Saturday before Easter, Fountain Square will be overrun with eager area kids filling their baskets with as many plastic eggs as they can get their paws on. One lucky hunter per age group who finds a golden egg will win a special gift basket chock-full of Easter toys and games. There are staggered start times so that the little goobers don’t trample one another: ages 2-3 hunt at 11:15 a.m., ages 4-6 at 11:30 and ages 7-9 at 11:45. Arrive accordingly, and don’t forget: This is a bring-your-own-basket event.  

Circus Devils: Gringo

[Happy Jack Rock]

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Whether the Indie Rock veteran is fronting Guided by Voices or experimental Circus Devils, Bob Pollard is a god among songwriting men, and for good reason.