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Music: I Am Ghost

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Rather than incorporating any subtlety or precision, I Am Ghost cycles through over-the-top macabre motifs (vampires, blood, guns, fire, coffins, etc.) that Atreyu and My Chemical Romance would have utilized in their early days, and bashes their dark aesthetic over your head. See them and their pale makeup and dark eyeliner at The Mad Hatter.  

1000 Comic Books You Must Read (Review)

Tony Isabella - Krause Publications

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Cataloguing a thousand of anything is an impressive, likely painstaking task. If there’s anyone fit to amass a list of 1000 Comic Books You Must Read, it’s prolific comic scribe/industry observer Tony Isabella. Per the title, Isabella has the great fortune of not having to decide the thousand finest but rather the thousand that he finds compelling.  

RJD2 with Kenan Bell and Happy Chichester

Feb. 6 • Southgate House

0 Comments · Monday, February 1, 2010
Columbus' own RJD2 (he's now based in Philly) has a new album, 'The Colossus,' that contrasts his last polarizing project by adding vocalists like Kenna and Illogic. "Looking to myself for all the elements didn't sound appealing," he says. "Records should be something exciting and fresh, and part of that is keeping the process exciting and different."   

Music: RJD2 wit Kenan Bell and Happy Chichester

0 Comments · Monday, February 1, 2010
The ex-Ohioan (he’s now based in Philly) Indie Hip Hop producer RJD2 's latest album is The Colossus, which contrasts his last polarizing project by adding vocalists like Kenna and Illogic. The Colossus is a canvas of collages with soulful thump, Funk and vibrant, good Pop. He plays the Southgate House.  

Music: Cancer Bats

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Cancer Bats’ upcoming record Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones includes a track about singer Liam Cormier's hatred about being robbed. Relating to others through the Bats’ robust mix of Hardcore, Metal and Punk is one of Cormier’s favorite things about the band. They play The Mad Hatter.  

Rejuvenated Chaos from Cancer Bats

Toronto hardcore outfit aims to mesh the raw and the refined on new album

0 Comments · Monday, January 25, 2010
Singer Liam Cormier vows to expand his repertoire of aching, personal tracks on Cancer Bats' new album, due in April. He describes it as "Glenn Danzig going on a camping trip with Black Flag's Greg Ginn, a reanimated Vincent Price and the Beastie Boys." Despite that incongruous congregation, he swears the band's third CD is its most cohesive work yet.  

The Swellers With Motion City Soundtrack

Jan. 26 • Bogart's

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Even as record sales dip to no apparent end, labels are still a significant source of pride, stability, experience and (despite poor sales) money for young bands. The Swellers know a good label's value intimately, probably because it's taken them eight years to find one.  

Music: The Swellers with Motion City Soundtrack

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 19, 2010
The Swellers, from Flint, Mich., play a Screeching Weasel style of Pop-Punk with hook-heavy material that has gained loads of polish. They're opening for Motion City Soundtrack tonight at Bogart's.  

Men at Dirty Work

King Khan & BBQ Show are Garage Rock's high priests of filth

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Ask Mark Sultan how he's doing, and small talk threatens to turn scatological. As The King Khan & BBQ Show cruise past Oregonian woodlands en route to its Portland date, the singer/guitarist responds with a bill of clean health and quickly reports that the highlight of his drive has been a deer adorned with "a Mohawk of shit."  

Music: King Khan & BBQ Show

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Knowing the reputations of Arish “King” Khan and Sultan (aka “BBQ”), it’s tough to be legitimately offended by the smut they unapologetically spew. In the ’90s the pair served in the feisty Spaceshits. Today, the Montreal/Berlin-based troublemakers use the Show as an outlet to revel in a time-tripping goulash of Doo Wop and Garage Rock. They play the Northside Tavern.