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Onstage: Guys and Dolls

0 Comments · Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Guys and Dolls is a classic musical from 1950, that most people have seen in the past, either onstage or in the 1955 Brando/Sinatra movie version. It’s a fable about some loveable New York City gangsters who desperately need to keep their “floating” crap game going to pacify a threatening mob from Chicago. Embedded in this milieu is a Salvation Army-style mission, which naturally gets caught up in the action. Wednesday-Sunday at the Covedale Center for Performing Arts.  

Guys and Dolls (Review)

Covedale’s Guys and Dolls is a seamless night of genuine entertainment

0 Comments · Thursday, October 16, 2008
Theater is a crap game. The director of a show often doesn’t know who will audition, what the chemistry of the eventual cast members will be or even what the sets and costumes will look like. Director Greg Procaccino might have had a lucky streak with his production of Guys and Dolls, currently at Covedale Theatre — but I suspect he didn’t leave it to chance.