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The Lingering Terror of 9/11

A decade after attacks, has U.S. learned anything?

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 7, 2011
After witnessing the first jetliner crash into the Twin Towers on that bright Sept. 11 morning in 2001, a friend of mine’s wife and 7-year old daughter fled to their nearby Manhattan loft and ran to the roof to look around. From there, they saw the second plane explode in a rolling ball of flaming fuel across the rooftops. It felt like the heat of a fiery furnace. Not long after, the girl was struck with blindness. She rarely left her room. Her parents worked with therapists for months, trying various techniques including touch and visualization, before the young girl finally recovered her sight.  

Dreams of Obama

The possibility of Barack Obama lies in the movement more than the man

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Barack Obama, it is true, is a transformational leader. But he needs a transformational movement to become a transformational president. My wife and I have an adopted 8-year-old "biracial&quo