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News: March of Dimes Animal Tests Under Fire

0 Comments · Thursday, April 29, 1999
The banner flying over downtown April 25 was there to grab some walker's attention. Trailing from an airplane, it read: "March of Dimes, Stop Animal Experiments." It was part of a protest by the Ph  

News: At Odds Over Issue 4

NAACP says it will empower black voters while ministers say it will hurt the poor

0 Comments · Thursday, April 22, 1999
The line between supporters and opponents in the Issue 4 campaign for the direct election of Cincinnati's mayor is crossing the lines of political party, race and civic involvement. While the N  

News: Baby Boomers Eye Vacation Property Investments

0 Comments · Thursday, April 15, 1999
A new trend in buying vacation property reportedly is letting people invest in their future as well as having a little piece for themselves when they want to get away from it all. And the baby boom  

News: Officials Mum on Fire Issues

0 Comments · Thursday, April 15, 1999
When a fire breaks out, Cincinnati firefighters are expected to be quick and thorough with their response. But the same rule apparently doesn't apply when it comes to answering questions raised abo  

News: Psychics Plan to Talk With Dead, Help Others at Upcoming Seminar

0 Comments · Thursday, April 8, 1999
John Edward is a practicing Catholic and has a degree in public administration. He pays his taxes and, at one time, partook in ballroom dancing competitions with his wife. For the most part, Edwa  

News: Empowerment to Mean Education in Avondale

0 Comments · Thursday, April 8, 1999
Ciy officials can talk all they want to about federal grants and "empowerment zones." But Jerry Pryor, economic development chairman for the Avondale Community Council, says education is what it  

News: Company Set to Remove Fernald Waste Without Leaking Radon

0 Comments · Thursday, March 25, 1999
The Foster Wheeler Environmental Corp., the company that has been contracted to clean up two of the silos at the Fernald site, is about to put a system in place that will remove the silos' contents   

News: Citizens Police Panel Delay: Does City Need More Diversity or More Interest?

0 Comments · Thursday, March 25, 1999
Some say the city of Cincinnati's decision to extend the application deadline for the Citizens Police Review Panel is a step in the right direction. But the decision to form the panel at all stil  

News: Parking Complaints and Bus Riders Up as Fort Washington Way Construction Gears Up for Second Phase

0 Comments · Thursday, March 18, 1999
Lately, signs reading "lot full," "monthly parking only" and "no parking" are common sights for downtown workers, shoppers and visitors. "It's crazy, there's no place to park and when you do find a  

Cart Before Convention Horse?

0 Comments · Thursday, March 18, 1999
It has been deemed a place that needs more space, and expansion proponents are pushing hard for the Albert B. Sabin Convention Center to get the extra space it needs. Since 1994, studies and plans