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Diner: Word-of-Mouth

Blue Ash eatery offers a fresh, varied menu in a comfortable atmosphere

0 Comments · Thursday, June 15, 2000
Finding one restaurant that can please my generally vegetarian tastes and my husband's hearty appetite is a rarity. Luckily, our quest for such a place took us to Blue Ash to a restaurant that sati  

Cover Story: Hot Idea: Carryout Lunches

Rather than slave over picnic preparation, think carryout

0 Comments · Thursday, June 1, 2000
Now's the time. Before the shirt-soaking humidity and summer heat drive folks into air-conditioned homes and restaurants for summer meals. Now's the time to enjoy early-summer temps with a picni  

Diner: Exemplary Dining

Popular Mariemont restaurant offers First Watch menu for breakfast-lunch, then traditional entrees for dinner

0 Comments · Thursday, May 25, 2000
Take a stroll through Mariemont Square and witness how it has successfully combined old with new. The charming village has maintained the simple, quaint feel of a small town while successfully blend  

Diner: A Hidden Gem

Jo An offers a sophisticated menu of sushi and other Japanese fare

0 Comments · Thursday, May 18, 2000
I was a sushi virgin. I even traveled to Japan last year. Yet I somehow managed to avoid traditional Japanese fare while there. (In fact, I lost six pounds.) Imagine my anxiety when I was asked to r  

Diner: The Mrs. Dash of Clifton

Cody's relaxed cafe atmosphere offers variety and broad appeal

0 Comments · Thursday, April 13, 2000
I never know what to expect anymore when I go to Clifton. I'm well past my college years, but I like to think I'm still relatively with it. Yet Clifton never ceases to amaze me. I guess I should ex  

Diner: Treasured Favorite

Arnold's casual atmosphere and central location attract folks from all over

0 Comments · Thursday, March 30, 2000
Thank goodness old habits die hard. If not, we just might have seen major changes at Arnold's Bar & Grill when new owners took over a little more than a year ago. As the city's oldest tap house, Ar  

Diner: Making the Jump

Former brew pub is now an upscale stop

0 Comments · Thursday, March 9, 2000
Put away the frosty mugs and bring out the Chardonnay stems. That's the message from Jump Café, formerly the Main Street Brewery, recently reopened as a trendy wine bar and fine-dining restaura  

Diner: Simply Eclectic

Habañero does not serve traditional Mexican fare

0 Comments · Thursday, February 24, 2000
Clifton's Gaslight district is a melting pot of world cuisines: Italian bistros, trendy Mediterranean eateries and several Indian places. But don't think you've had one too many imported brews at U  

Diner: Romance alla Germano's

Intimate setting and classic Italian cuisine provide the perfect atmosphere

0 Comments · Thursday, February 3, 2000
If only he had known in advance. "Had I known, I would have brought you flowers," were his exact words. Not that the evening needed more romantic sentiments. Dinner at Germano's provides plenty of   

Diner: Try It ... You'll Like It

Hyde Park's Vineyard is far from your ordinary neighborhood restaurant

0 Comments · Thursday, October 14, 1999
"What's arugula?" was my husband's first comment as we reviewed the menu for Vineyard Café, the newest addition to Hyde Park Square's restaurant row. "It's something different you might want t