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'Tis the Second Season

0 Comments · Thursday, December 14, 2000
The holiday season is always a curious time for TV. It's the only time of year any kind of weather is shown, as it is incessantly snowing ... even on shows that take place in L.A. Then we have the h  

No Show

0 Comments · Thursday, November 9, 2000
All across the L.A. basin, pilots for new TV shows are in the planning stages. Hoping to get a shot during the second half of the current TV season, or perhaps a shot at next fall's lineup, produce  

Airwaves:Traffic and Weather together

0 Comments · Thursday, October 12, 2000
The most amazing thing about radio is how its has transformed itself over the course of its 70-plus-year history. Perhaps more than any other medium, radio -- and particularly AM -- has responded t  


0 Comments · Thursday, August 10, 2000
It's strange how your perspective can change. When I was (sort of) in the music business, I gradually came to look at the industry from a different angle. Now the same thing has happened with TV and  

Made For TV Football

0 Comments · Friday, July 14, 2000
Give the people what they want, and they'll still complain. The National Football League (NFL) has never been more popular, but at the same time criticism of the pro game has also never been higher.  

Avoid the Hassle

0 Comments · Thursday, July 13, 2000
It's funny how two diametrically opposed forces can see the same action as detrimental to their causes. A few weeks back The Procter & Gamble Company decided not to sponsor Dr. Laura Schessinger's n  

A Spy in the House

0 Comments · Thursday, June 22, 2000
A Spy in the House David Burke, the British director for White Dot, an anti-television campaign, has written a book about digital interactive TV, Spy TV. His book attempts to expose the agenda o  

I Survived an Episode of 'Survivor'

0 Comments · Thursday, June 8, 2000
After waiting in a long traffic jam caused more by people looking at the accident than by those who caused it, you still feel that guilty urge to look. What exactly compels us toward this action is  

Cover Story: Hot Seats: Ohio's New Roller Coasters

The 'coaster arms race' has been fought fiercely in the Buckeye State, with the park-going public as winners

0 Comments · Thursday, June 1, 2000
North Carolina bickers that we in Ohio have "Birthplace of Aviation" on our license plates and dispute that claim. Perhaps a better slogan for Ohio, and one that's less debatable, is "The Roll  

Spring Cleaning

0 Comments · Thursday, May 11, 2000
There are a lot of topics worthy of a column. And there are topics that should be written about, but don't justify a 700-word dissertation. I suppose this is how Larry King approaches things. Anothe