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Diner: Home Away From Home

The Dubliner as good as you'd imagine

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 12, 2003
This is what I imagined Irish food to be: potato and oatmeal dishes washed down with a pint of ale and a shot of Irish whiskey. And somewhere in there big legs o' mutton -- one gets inspired to spe  

Diner: Sticker Shock

Oakley's new Andiamo! has promise, but needs to work on value

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 5, 2003
I'm generally very empathic when visiting a restaurant during its infancy. Having opened a couple myself, I know it takes a few weeks for most to work out the knots and find their rhythm. On the ot  

Cover Story: A Healing Orgy

Eight therapies, three days, one improved body

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 22, 2003
I spent 2002 feeling diagonally parked in a parallel universe. I tried to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attacked me at once. Maybe it's juggling three jobs, two teen-agers, o  

Music: Blinded by the Boss

A journey into the world of the Springsteen addict

0 Comments · Thursday, November 7, 2002
Fanatic: [n] person overenthusiastic about an interest. See also: addict, devotee, diehard, extremist, fiend, fool, freak, maniac, nut, zealot. This is me: 47-year-old writer, yoga teacher, si  

Diner: Café Life

Now 10 years old, Kaldi's Café is the place to hook up with friends

0 Comments · Thursday, October 31, 2002
Conversation is the foundation of civilization, the very heart of culture and community. Face-to-face dialogue is the most significant human connection -- from town meetings to pillow talk, book   

Diner: Sunny & Cheerful

A kinder, gentler place for the first meal of the day

0 Comments · Thursday, October 10, 2002
Most mornings I'm inhaling a piece of toast and a banana, washed down with a cup of coffee while I peruse my schedule book. I'm hoping there's enough hot water left after my son's 30-minute comatos  

Cover Story: Above It All

Palomino's late-night menu a classy respite

0 Comments · Thursday, October 10, 2002
Saturday night the center of downtown resembles an Edward Hopper-does-Norman Rockwell canvas. The quaintness of autumn's cool air mingles with the lustiness of summer's heat still radiating from  

Diner: Self Service

Vinoklet Winery is all about the view

0 Comments · Thursday, September 26, 2002
"Turn left at Rumpke Dump. We're a mile-and-a-quarter down the road," the woman cheerfully tells me when I call Vinoklet Winery for directions. Hmmm, I'm a bit apprehensive. I'll have to check my n  

Diner: Tasty and Plentiful

Simone's in Walnut Hills is finding its way

0 Comments · Thursday, September 12, 2002
For most of us who dine out regularly, a small, casual restaurant with simple yet interesting, well-prepared food at reasonable prices is at the top of our list for spur-of-the-moment decisions. Sim  

Diner: Natural Flavors

Aralia offers Sri Lankan cuisine with many vegetarian choices

0 Comments · Thursday, August 22, 2002
I felt geographically challenged as the five of us settled into our table at Aralia. "Ummm, between India and China?" was the best answer I could come up with to the question, "Where exactly is Sri