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Comedy: Chris Porter

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 29, 2011
A few years ago Chris Porter was just a stand-up comedian from Kansas City touring the country when he had what he calls "an epiphany." He elaborates on his blog: "I was drinking amaretto out of a girl's vagina when I thought to myself that this was as good as it was ever going to get living in Kansas City. To be honest with you I didn't even really want to drink the amaretto, but how often does that opportunity arise? And we were out of cups."  

Comedy: Roz G.

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 22, 2011
How tough and dedicated is comedian Roz G? A few years ago I was scheduled to interview her for a weekly paper in Cleveland. Hours before our phone conversation she was in a serious car accident, but she still managed to do the interview. "The car was totaled," she says. "Everybody walked away, (but they all) went to the hospital except for me. Ain't nothing wrong with me, I’m taking my ass home."  

Comedy: Wendy Liebman

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 15, 2011
In stand-up comedy there is something known as a Wendy Liebman-style joke. An example from Ms. Liebman's act: "I was on an airplane and this guy wanted me — to stop talking." She laughs at the notion of having a style of joke named after her. "It's a misdirect," she points out as if to downplay her solid joke writing ability. Of course there's more to her act then bait-and-switch punchlines.  

Comedy: Tom Segura

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 8, 2011
How much Cincinnati spirit is left in a local native who moved away when they were 9? For many years, comedian Tom Segura followed the hapless Bengals obsessively. "But they were so bad for so long I lost interest in them and almost lost interest in the whole National Football League," he says. . Segura is anxious to return to town, not so much for the chili, but to try out some new bits at one of his favorite clubs, Go Bananas.  

Comedy: Tommy Johnagin

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Tommy Johnagin is following in Mike Birbiglia's footsteps when he comes to town this week. "I'm coming to Cincinnati to record a CD for Comedy Central Records," he says. "Go Bananas is one of the best clubs in the country and it's a great place to record. It's not too big, but you can fit a lot of people in there and the energy really comes through." (Birbiglia also just recently recorded an album at the club and had similar praise for it.)  

Comedy: Alex Reymundo

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Though he's lived in Kentucky for less than a year, Texas native Alex Reymundo feels at home in the Bluegrass State. "My wife is from Louisville and we just moved back here in May," he says. "I even pronounce 'Louisville' correctly. It took five ass-whoopins, but I got it right." After eight years in Los Angeles, Reymundo and his wife decided they wanted to raise their family outside of Southern California.  

Comedy: Shane Mauss

0 Comments · Monday, February 14, 2011
"I wanted to be a stand-up comic since I was 10 years old," says Shane Mauss. "I think even younger than that, 8 or 9, I forget what I usually tell people. I should get my story straight one of these days." It's a long way from La Crosse, Wis. to the comedy clubs of New York though, but Mauss kept feeling that urge, even if he wasn't quite sure how to get started. While saving money, and working up the nerve, a friend announced he was moving to Boston.  

Comedy: Rory Scovel

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 8, 2011
"It's kind of eclectic," comedian Rory Scovel says of his act. "I have a lot on drugs like pot and mushrooms. I do some political jokes, but never anything serious. I would describe my act as very silly and very non-serious." The Greenville, S.C., native got into comedy at an open mic poetry night. "I asked the guy running it if I could tell jokes, and he said, 'Go for it.'"  

Comedy: Jo Koy

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Of Asian decent, comedian Jo Koy hates when people try to guess his heritage. " 'Hey, dude, do you eat rice? Hey, are you a bad driver? I’ll bet you're good at math.' I hate that," he says. "I just tell them right off the bat, 'Hey, dude, I'm Asian.' " However that seems to make it worse. "I get the worst compliments. 'Oh, really, you’re Asian? I love orange chicken.' That's not a compliment, that’s an insult. Like I'm supposed to say, 'Sank you! Sank you! Orange chicken is very good!' "  

Comedy: Vic Henley

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Vic Henley is not only a top headlining comic, he also has a knack for spotting gold in the sets of other comedians. A few years back, for example, he told funnyman Jim Gaffigan to expand on a bit about Hot Pockets. Gaffigan was about to toss it. "He was having a hard time with the bit, and I told him since I was from one of the top-five fattest states (Alabama), he should stick with it," explains Henley.