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Living Out Loud: : Two Girls and a Guy

Another bus story

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Last week this column turned three years old. I've lost track of how many bus or bus stop stories I've written about over this period of time -- probably about 10 or so. You're about to get another  

Living Out Loud: : Write!

Writers who don't want to

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Dear LOL Writer (I'm withholding your name, because I won't want to embarrass you -- trying to do you a favor. You can thank me later): Excuse me if I seem even grumpier than usual. As you well k  

Living Out Loud: : Thoughts from a Defensive Smoker

Sub: Enjoying it while it lasts

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 11, 2006
On most Friday afternoons, you'll find my friend and me over at Madonna's on Seventh Street downtown during their cocktail hour. The service is friendly, the jukebox is solid and the drinks are reas  

Living Out Loud: : Lost in Over-the-Rhine

Finding the good with the bad

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 27, 2006
I live in Clifton and usually take the 17 bus to Findlay Market, getting off at McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine. On this particular afternoon, I stocked up on bananas, peaches, carrots, green pepp  

Living Out Loud: : Looking at the Past

The old friend

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 20, 2006
I've seen this guy walking around Clifton for maybe a month now. He's usually on the other side of the street, and I say to myself it can't possibly be him. Surely he's drunk himself to death by no  

Living Out Loud: : Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Clifton's Gaslight District

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 6, 2006
Very soon I'll be coming up on five years living in Clifton's Gaslight District. For the most part, it's been an enjoyable time. I like living in a community that's very urban, has a lot of diversi  

News: Entering the Fire

Franciscans want goodness to be part of globalization

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 23, 2006
The Rev. Richard Rohr has never been one to go along with the masses, especially when it comes to religion. He likes to say what he thinks. During his speech Aug. 19 at Xavier University, he made  

Living Out Loud: : Reefer Madness

Examining a silly law

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Last Friday night, I met up with a buddy downtown, went to a bar and had a few drinks. Well, let's say my friend had a few. The vodka and tonics were tasting pretty good, and maybe I overdid it a b  

Living Out Loud: : New Rules

Suggestions to make me less cranky

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 16, 2006
I've never met Bill Maher, the host of Real Time on HBO, but I think we have one thing in common: We're both a bit cranky. On his show (returning August 25), there's a segment entitled "New Rules,"  

Living Out Loud: : Trashin' the 'Nati

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 9, 2006
In some circles, I've become known as a Cincinnati basher. No doubt bar owner and former Cincinnati City Council candidate Nick Spencer feels this way, but I'm simply trying to raise awareness abou