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Cover Story: 'I'm Hungry"

For Colored Folks Who've Considered Leaving When the 'Nati Wasn't Enuf

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cover Story: Mind the Gap

Poetry collective Society's Tongue keeps it revolutionary but gangsta

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 20, 2005
NeoSoul and Hip Hop lovers are used to not having their live entertainment needs met in this town. Week after week they flip through the first few pages of CityBeat in vain, hoping to be surprise  

Cover Story: Trashy Girl About Town

When we're just not that into 'we'

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 9, 2005
A slightly sadistic relationship ended on my 26th Birthday, at the start of last summer. Blame was catapulted and dodged, house keys returned and tears shed, but I quickly decided that dating like  

Cover Story: 'Where I Should Be'

The Zen and now of Ink Tank

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 5, 2004
"I was always a weird stockbroker," Kathy Holwadel says. "When the market went down, I would send my clients poetry." That explains some things. When I heard that Holwadel had been in financ  

Cover Story: Beat Queen

DJ Apryl Reign's soul songs

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Ever since Pam the Funktress of The Coup showed the world she could scratch records with her breasts, it's been big up after big up for female DJs. Chloe Sevigny and other New York club-kids-tur