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Cover Story: The Crazy Ladies' Movement

After 21 years, Northside bookstore struggles to survive

0 Comments · Thursday, September 7, 2000
A progressive niche in a conservative city, Crazy Ladies Bookstore has long been a gathering place for feminists, gays/lesbians and liberal-minded people. As one of the few independent booksellers  

Women's History, a Complex Issue, Still Worth Celebrating


0 Comments · Thursday, March 30, 2000
In many ways, Women's History Month feels like a vindication, a public recognition that there are gaps in the historical record. Yes, women have histories as rich and complex as the more narrowly fo  

News: Sister City Delegation Reports on Its Domestic Violence Efforts in Kharkiv

0 Comments · Thursday, March 2, 2000
Domestic violence knows no class, race or religious distinctions. Intensely personal, yet global in scope, it's an international problem. As reported in the CityBeat story "Domestic Violence: An I  

Cover Story: Out of the Shadows

Women still are plagued by domestic violence; many wonder if it will ever change

0 Comments · Thursday, October 7, 1999
One hundred years ago, Elizabeth Cady Stanton parodied the Declaration of Independence by setting forth her own feminist revision, entitled the "Declaration of Sentiments." The authors of the D  

Cover Story: Domestic Violence: An International Problem

0 Comments · Thursday, October 7, 1999
"The personal is the political" has long been the mantra for grassroots women's organizations. This sentiment is especially dear to women organizing to fight domestic violence -- an epidemic f