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Will 'An Eye for an Eye' Leave Us Anything but Blind?

0 Comments · Thursday, August 16, 2001
Why would the victim of a gruesome terrorist attack seek to protect the perpetrator? For nearly a year after his daughter Julie Welch and 167 others were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing, Bud We  

News: We Have to Talk About This

Cincinnati is 'ground zero for racial relations'

0 Comments · Thursday, July 5, 2001
A gesture characterized the mood of From Protest to Proposal, a day-long conference on police-community relations at Cincinnati State College. After a young African-American man voiced his profound  

News: I Won't See You in Court

In mediation, the only loser is the lawyers' fees

0 Comments · Thursday, July 5, 2001
A lawsuit doesn't resolve a conflict; it only picks a winner. Mediation, an increasingly popular alternative to litigation, means no one has to be a loser. The Center for Resolution of Disputes,  

Should City Council Have to Listen to Angry Citizens?

0 Comments · Thursday, June 28, 2001
Will new rules at Cincinnati City Council stifle public input in an attempt to restore order and decorum? Several months of fiery, obnoxious behavior at council meetings have culminated in Mayor Ch  

News: Equality Is the Only Fix

Gays reject fundamentalist 'therapy'

0 Comments · Thursday, June 14, 2001
Fundamentalist Christians served refreshments June 9 to gays, lesbians and others protesting a church conference on homosexuality, an act of kindness that belies the intense disagreement between