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Cover Story: The Year in Film and Music: Real Life vs. Reel Life

Movies this year told the 'truth' ... and history was made

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 20, 2006
"The truth," a character quips in Oscar Wilde's timeless comedy of manners The Importance of Being Earnest, "is rarely pure and never simple." That the speaker is a liar and the character sp  

Film: A Capote Carol

On page, stage and screen the author is the ghost of Christmas past

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 13, 2006
In Douglas McGrath's Infamous, this year's film about Truman Capote and the creation of In Cold Blood, the writer (an uncanny Toby Jones) and his friend Nelle Harper Lee (Sandra Bullock) find th  

Film: Making a List

Yes, Virginia, there are alternative Christmas flicks

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 6, 2006
Every few years, late in December, I like to revisit my favorite holiday film. It's a bona fide black-and-white classic about a despondent character who attempts suicide on Christmas Eve only to   

Film: Still Mad as Hell

Network turns 30 but remains timely and prophetic

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 1, 2006
Consider the following: "I want angry shows! I want anti-establishment! I want counterculture!" "We're not a responsible network; we're a whorehouse network." "You're talking about putti  

Books: The Write Stuff

InkTank works to connect the many voices of Cincinnati

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 27, 2006
The Writer's Weekend might be InkTank's biggest annual event, but it's far from all they do. The 'Tank's Main Street "World Headquarters" regularly houses an every-other-Thursday writer's   

Film: Strokes of Genius

Painters' styles matter as much as their lives in film bios

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 27, 2002
One of the many remarkable moments in Frida, the new film biography of artist Frida Kahlo, occurs during a wedding sequence. In it we see what appears to be Kahlo's own painted portrait, depictin  

Events: Strings (Re)Attached

Rebirth of instrument shop returns classical craftsmanship to Over-the-Rhine

0 Comments · Thursday, November 21, 2002
There are many ways to characterize the relationship between Jules Azzi and Andy Wolf: Friends, business partners and musical kindred spirits, they are also mentor and student. Whichever label yo  

Film: Dissecting the Sacred Cow

Why Dead Man Walking worked better on screen than stage

0 Comments · Thursday, September 5, 2002
Does the theme -- or for that matter, the cultural significance -- of a work of art place it above criticism? Legendary New Yorker film critic Pauline Kael endured criticism for knocking the haile