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Museum Center’s Underground Revenue Source

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Let it not be said (as you might have heard or read) that the Cincinnati subway never hosted a paying customer. In fact, visits to the abandoned tunnels under Central Parkway intended for the never-completed system have become a nice, if underground, funding source for Cincinnati Museum Center’s education programs. Who said mass transit can’t pay dividends for Cincinnati?  

Art: Douglas Cramer

0 Comments · Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Douglas Cramer's life encompasses both Wonder Woman and Warhol, a pretty impressive span. He has also known and collected the work of key contemporary artists like Jim Dine and Richard Prince. Plus, in addition to 'Wonder Woman,' he has been involved with such hit TV series as 'Dynasty' and 'The Love Boat.' Cramer is considered one of the world’s great collectors of contemporary art and has donated to many major museums, including CAM, which will display his recent gifts and Warhol portraits.  

Bert Jansch with Neil Young

May 3 • Aronoff Center for the Arts

0 Comments · Monday, April 25, 2011
Considering the level of reverence Bert Jansch elicits from Boomer Rock icons like Neil Young and Jimmy Page, it’s surprising to learn that the 67-year-old Scottish guitarist/singer/songwriter is their contemporary rather than their elder. But by 1965, when Young, Page (and Donovan, another Jansch acolyte) were still searching for their musical direction, Jansch had already made one of his greatest albums, as important as any to ever come out of the British Folk revival.   

‘Laughing Brook’ Might Help Save the Mill Creek

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Jackie Brookner, a New York-based artist who creates “biospheres” by using storm runoff and other polluted waters as part of her outdoor, environmental earthworks, spoke at Xavier University this month about the ethical and spiritual dimensions to her work. One of her pieces, “Laughing Brook,” is in Cincinnati, along the struggling Mill Creek.  

Rubber (Review)

Quentin Dupieux’s horror satire centers on a killer tire

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 20, 2011
It’s tempting to call Rubber an intimate glimpse into the tire condition. But that might seem excessively flippant. True, it’s hard not to describe this new independent film about a killer tire, which can be seen first-run on Time Warner Cable’s video-on-demand platform, without allowing for some humor.  

Art: Little Kings at Prairie Gallery

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Boxing is a brutal sport, one that all too often leads to injury, but it is also among the most heavily romanticized by writers like A.J. Leibling, artists like George Bellows, and films from 'Body and Soul' to 'The Fighter.' Chris Bucher's photography series Little Kings at Prairie Gallery continues that tradition. He tracks via large-scale photographs the progress of inner-city kids in Indianapolis as they prepare for the 2008 Ringside World Championships.  

Preservation Overhaul

Video sculpture is art you can watch, but how do you save it?

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 13, 2011
University of Cincinnati owns an important video sculpture by the man who basically created multimedia art, Nam June Paik. But don’t expect to see Cinci-Mix, which was commissioned in 1996 for an interior wall in then-new Aronoff Center for Design and Art. Because the old-school components — 18 stacked rear-projection monitors playing laser-discs — started breaking down, the College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP) had to put the piece in storage in 2007.  

Art: EcoSculpt

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 12, 2011
To heighten awareness of environmentalism as Earth Day approaches on April 22, the popular EcoSculpt event has returned to Fountain Square, sponsored by Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance and Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation. A three-week installation of colorful, lively sculptures made of recycled and/or recyclable materials, it is on display now through April 28.  

Art: Nam June Paik and The Conservation of Video Sculpture

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 12, 2011
University of Cincinnati owns an important video sculpture by the man who basically created multimedia art, Nam June Paik. But don’t expect to see Cinci-Mix, which was commissioned in 1996 fo  

Dialing In to Indianapolis’ Big New Show

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 5, 2011
While I’ve waxed positively about Cincinnati Art Museum’s recent exhibitions and programming, I’d be guilty of hometown parochialism if I failed to mention activities at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It seems on a fast track, under director Maxwell Anderson, to becoming a museum of consistent national significance.