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Whirlygig: 90: Out on the Town

Girl talk hops aboard a metro

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 13, 2003
The Metrosexual Man Variety makes the world go round, or so it seems. Goodness knows it's a relief when you're out with girlfriends and everyone has different taste in men. How horrible it would   

Whirlygig: 88: Out on the Town

Tales of dating misery run rampant along Loveland Bike Trail

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Running in Place Long gone are the days of sleeping until noon, lifeguarding and hanging out at the city park with a gang of friends that come with being a teenager in the midst of summer. But do  

Whirlygig: 77: Out on the Town

Clifton opens its doors for its recent house tour

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Tour De Force Everything has a season, and spring seems to be the season of love. This past weekend we loved our mothers, our grass loved the rain and Clifton loved 10 of its houses with the Clift  

Whirlygig: 75: Out on the Town

The Izzy's counter smothers one's personal space

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Space Invaders There's an unspoken rule about comfort zones when it comes to personal space, wouldn't you agree? I can't tell you exactly what it is. I just know when someone has overstepped the   

Whirlygig: 58

Out on the Town

0 Comments · Thursday, December 26, 2002
The Dutch Girl This is the time of year to renew old acquaintances and catch up on each other's lives. Of course, it goes without saying that it can be exhausting with all the holiday festivities  

Whirlygig: 50

Out on the Town

0 Comments · Thursday, October 31, 2002
Scary Propositions Fall is my favorite time of year. I don't relish the cold Northern wind, but the smell of wood burning, football games, sweaters and snuggling get me going! Only one problem --  

Whirlygig: 48

Out on the Town

0 Comments · Thursday, October 17, 2002
Snogging One must find ways to amuse oneself. Inspiration this week was given by the tales of Jill and Sandy. These two crazy chicks, perching ever so daintily on the bar stool at the Pub in Hyde  

Whirlygig: 42

Out on the Town

0 Comments · Thursday, September 5, 2002
Catch and Release Summer is officially over since Labor Day is behind us and classes on most campuses have resumed, but Cincinnati weather is superb this time of year. It's my favorite season, in  

Whirlygig: 41

Out on the Town

0 Comments · Thursday, August 29, 2002
Dine Around Statistically, if you're going to have an auto accident, it'll be within a radius of 5 miles from your home -- and I believe it. I've had three in reverse in my driveway alone. My poi