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real life

0 Comments · Thursday, August 26, 1999
While still waiting to personally experience the intake visit of an "integrative medicine" center for the alternative medicine series, I began to worry about what article I would do for this issue.  

Cover Story: Role Reversal

'Toughing it out' may be yielding to a men's health movement

0 Comments · Thursday, July 29, 1999
A recent study reported widely on national news proclaimed that women and minorities are 40 percent less likely to receive aggressive intervention --angiogram -- for heart disease. In actuality, th  

The Vitamin Experiment

real life

0 Comments · Thursday, July 22, 1999
Vitamins and minerals span the spectrum from nutrient support to therapeutics. I'm currently reading a book on reversing asthma. Part of this doctor's treatment involves vitamin supplements, even t  

Herbs Can Be Food; Herbs Can Be Drugs

real life

0 Comments · Thursday, June 24, 1999
I was recently having a conversation with an organic farmer who also grows herbs. She said, "You know, I see people every day who have destroyed their bodies with alcohol and drugs who now ask me f  

Cover Story: Medicine in 2000

No Longer Based on 70-Kilogram White Male

0 Comments · Thursday, June 3, 1999
The 1990s might well be characterized as the decade of women's health -- a new, finally well-defined specialty in medicine. The women's health movement in many ways grew out of the women's move  

News: Alternative Medicine

The Many Faces of Body Work

0 Comments · Thursday, May 27, 1999
My first attempts to integrate my own body started with a chiropractor years ago. I quickly moved on to yoga and craniosacral -- osteopathic -- methods. About a year into this, I realized that, in t  

Homeopathy: From Art to Science

0 Comments · Thursday, April 29, 1999
Homeopathy, founded by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, came at a time, almost two centuries ago, when medicine was in its dark ages. The treatment for syphilis, for example, was arsenic. As i  

Alternative Health: Alternative Medicine

Mainstream Acceptance Sought

0 Comments · Thursday, March 25, 1999
Many wellness programs have sprung up around town, sponsored by various organizations, often hospitals or the newer health-care multihospital corporations. Most involve opportunities for patient edu  

Cover Story: See me, Teach me

Cincinnati's Wolff Vision Center explores a truly alternative approach of linking vision with learning ability

0 Comments · Thursday, February 25, 1999
"The eyes respond to light. Vision, or the sense of space, emerges from the way the eyes work together. One cannot predict this locating skill from the condition of one eye or the other." My  

Diet and Health: The Cook Isn't the Fat Guy

0 Comments · Thursday, January 28, 1999
As I said in my first article about the name, Alternative Medicine, much of what we see as alternative is not new. The concept of food as medicine goes back about 5,000 years, if not longer. Diet i