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A Fast Food Eulogy

0 Comments · Thursday, January 31, 2002
Ah, Dave Thomas. We hardly knew ye. Yours was a life filled with bad ties and square hamburgers. How will your legacy stack up to the great fast-food mascots of history? As far back as I can remem  

Vodka, with a Twist

0 Comments · Thursday, December 20, 2001
A simple 30-second spot that aired last week during Saturday Night Live might well have changed advertising forever. What? You didn't notice? Coming in pretty far below the public radar, the Smirn  

Heard That Song Before

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 21, 2001
Craving a potpourri of Pop music the other night, I was going to put on a mix CD. Instead, I decided to just flip on a commercial-heavy TV station instead. It was the same thing. Barenaked Ladies   

Humor Is Good Medicine

0 Comments · Thursday, October 18, 2001
I find myself laughing more. The commercials aren't funnier, I don't think. We just need them to be funnier. After hour upon hour of near continuous news coverage of events surrounding Sept. 11, it  

On the Road Again

0 Comments · Thursday, August 23, 2001
It's back-to-school time, consumers. High time to take a look around your highways and byways to dissect and disrespect all the latest billboards blocking our precious scenery. Since academia is gro  

Let me tell you what you think

0 Comments · Thursday, July 19, 2001
"Guy Ritchie ... after the cult success of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the commercial appeal of Snatch, you've been dubbed film's next big director. What are you going to do now?" "I'm   

Channel Surfing: Ad Nauseam

Let Me Tell You What You Think

0 Comments · Thursday, June 28, 2001
I'm sick of other people deciding for me what is and isn't appropriate to watch. Can't I decide? Sure, I'm going to have opinions. I write, therefore I get pissed off. But my beefs shouldn't stop y  

Junior the Ad-man

0 Comments · Thursday, August 17, 2000
Setting: Afternoon. Griffey kitchen. Ken Griffey Jr. is scratching his head. Sorting through all those pesky bank statements and balancing his checkbook is getting in the way of a quick game of cat  

Animal Instincts

0 Comments · Thursday, June 15, 2000
When it comes to company spokespeople, it appears we actually prefer animals to humans. And the trend isn't only hot now. Since the dawn of advertising, it never really cooled off. Consider this h  

Tuned in to radio billboards

0 Comments · Thursday, April 20, 2000
I can understand (if not tolerate) the idea of radio station billboards. You're driving along. You're bored. You just passed a fat billboard on the interstate blithely proclaiming "Less Talk, More