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Art: A Look to the Future at PAC Gallery

0 Comments · Monday, April 12, 2010
Participants include Indian artists Vivek Vilasini and Murali Cheeroth, who have shown at PAC previously, as well as up-and-comers like Kris Cummings, an MFA candidate at Michigan's Cranbrook Institute, and local artist Jeff Smith, who are slated for larger PAC projects in the coming year. The exhibition also includes Gigi Scaria, George Schmidt, Mi-Hee Nahm, Michael Scheurer and Midori Harima. Through May 31.  

Art: American Idols at Fabricate

0 Comments · Tuesday, April 6, 2010
On Saturday the hip gallery/shop Fabricate in Northside opens a new exhibition of work by SCPA visual-art students entitled 'American Idols.' The students used iconic contemporary art figures like Chuck Close as a springboard for solutions in digital art and painting that delve into the sources of personal and celebrity identities. Opening reception is 5-11 p.m.  

Art: LUCK NOW SpillSpell at Aisle Gallery

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 30, 2010
The etherealness of Aisle’s current exhibition 'LUCK NOW SpillSpell' — featuring installations by Debbie Brod and Diane Fishbein — is grounded in both artists’ adept inclusion of artifacts in their artworks. The artists present a gallery talk at 2 p.m. Saturday that's free and open to the public. Exhibition continues through April 9.  

Art: DOcumenTaRy at the Know Theatre

0 Comments · Monday, March 22, 2010
"DOcumenTaRy," currently on display in the Know Theatre’s Underground space, is comprised of series of documentary photographs. Seven Art Academy student-artists present photographs taken of the surrounding Over-the-Rhine neighborhood to give us pause to look more closely at what we already know. Through April 18.  

Art: Chaz Chew at the Creative Gallery

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Draftsman Chaz Chew mines the imagery of Marie Antoinette’s courtesans, Japan’s opulent geishas and a crowd of attractive dandies seemingly drawn from fashion photo shoots or Gatsby-era narratives. These divergent sources all culminate in a series of pen-and-ink and watercolor drawings. Through March 27 at the Creative Gallery.  

Events: project cincinnatiUS

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 9, 2010
This Saturday, Findlay Market will be the site for “project cincinnatUS,” a large-scale participatory performance themed around the concept “What ties us together and what pushes us apart.” Collaborating with Kira Neel, a New York-based performer, and 83 juniors from Clark Montessori High School, project cincinnatUS will enact street theater pieces in various places throughout the market from noon until 2 p.m.  

Hope and Glory at the CAC

Shepard Fairey's contraversial 'street art' exhibit turns urban buildings into outdoor galleries

0 Comments · Monday, March 8, 2010
When it was announced last year that Shepard Fairey's traveling solo show 'Supply and Demand' would stop at the Contemporary Arts Center, it immediately seemed a masterstroke for the museum. One component of this exhibition involves Fairey working in public spaces and on mural projects, but not unauthorized graffiti. He and his crew ended up erecting seven paper murals downtown and in Northside.  

Karen Finley Does Jackie O

Performance artist brings her consideration of an icon of national trauma to UC

0 Comments · Monday, March 8, 2010
Karen Finley, the New York-based performance artist who's appearing at the University of Cincinnati this week and presents her latest piece, "The Jackie Look," March 10, isn't satisfied with operating in a single field. Her unique, wordy performances blithely overstep the lines between fine art, theater, literature and social anthropology. She's willing to try an idea or context on for size to see what a new activity might symbolize.  

Lectures/Onstage: Karen Finley

0 Comments · Monday, March 8, 2010
The New York-based performance artist is at UC to present a lecture and to perform her latest piece, "The Jackie Look." Its premise is that Finley, as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, speaks to the Society of Photographic Education in Dallas, just blocks from the site where her husband was assassinated. Finley's lecture, entitled "Open Hand, Open Heart: Art and Trauma," is at 7 p.m. March 9. "The Jackie Look" is at 7 p.m. March 10. Both events are in the Lindner Center on campus.  

Art: Winged at 1305 Gallery

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Kelly Frigard's new exhibition, Winged, includes several small sculptural installations in which dense cloud forms —reminiscent of Tiepolo paintings— are layered bases upon which figurines the artist describes as “animals of prey” (rabbits, lambs, horses) are presented. Through March 21 at 1305 Gallery.